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Since its foundation in 2000, the LLC “Premium Logistics” has evolved into one of the most successful and recognized provider of integrated shipping and related services in northern regions of the Russian Federation.

The company specializes in sea and river shipping and towage, actively participating in oil-and-gas and research projects on the Arctic shelf of Russia.

Our offices are set up in the key northern sea ports of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. We possess a multifunctional vessel fleet of our own, a shore base and a series of industrial subsidiaries.

Premium Logistics’s dry-cargo ships trade in the Kara, Barents, White, Baltic, Caspian, Black, Mediterranean seas, inland water ways of the central Russia, the rivers of Ob and Enisey.

Our fleet of dedicated vessels (tugs and research ships) is prepared to trade at the Barents, Kara and Laptev seas.
Based on wide experience of working in the Arctic, Premium Logistics has deeply modernized its vessels to provide them with exclusive operational and commercial characteristics.

LLC “Premium Logistics”, as a various service provider (ship owner, ship’s agent, forwarder, project operator etc.) ensures transport support to companies of oil-and-gas industry and research organizations, involved in development of mainland and continental shelf regions of the Russian part of Arctic. Premium Logistics is a participant of the most complicated projects, and the company’s structure, its staff experience and qualification allow it to provide a customer with turnkey transport solutions.
At the same time the company is involved in traditional regional carriage of bulk commodities and national economic goods to northern ports (Naryan-Mar, Varandey, Amderma, Sabetta), port stations of the Yamal peninsula (Kharasavey, Yara-Yakha, Noviy Port, Yamburg, Salekhard) and the island of Novaya Zemlya (Belushya Bay)

Our main partners: LLC “Gazflot”, LLC “Gazprom Neft Shelf”, LLC “Gazprom Burenie”, LLC “Lukoil-Trans”, LLC “Varandey Terminal”, LLC “PO”Sevmash”, regional enterprises of timber industry and machine-building complex, state bodies, sea and river ports, research institutions and enterprises.
LLC "Premium Logistics" is a member of the "Baltic and International Maritime Council" (BIMCO), "Russian Forwarders Association" (АРЭ), Arkhangelsk regional association of oil-and-gas industry suppliers “Sozvezdiye”.

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Shipping line Arkhangelsk – Narian-Mar-Varandey

Chartering Department Contacts

Andrey M.Korotkiy
Department Head

Ship’s operation department Contacts

Andrey M.Korotkiy
Department Head

Evgeniy A. Mirovskiy
Ship’s operator

Offshore project and towage department contacts

Andrey V. Danilov
Department Head

Forwarding Department Contacts

Elena V. Santalova
Department Head

Agency Department Contacts

Igor A. Perevozchikov
Department Head
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