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Containerized shipment

Containerized shipment - is a modern, suitable, reliable and one of the efficient methods of cargo transportation.

Containerized shipment allows to:

  • ensure cargo safety;
  • reduce transit time ;
  • save time and minimize financial expenses during loading, discharging and trans-shipment;
  • minimize cargo transport and storage expenses;

Our company offers a full service of "door-to-door" delivery of the containerized cargo both on the international and inner markets.

Considering kind and quantity of cargo our experts will advise you on the best type and size of a container to be the most suitable and efficient to ship your cargo in. If nesessary, we are ready to arrange "door-to-door" delivery of your containerized cargo, namely:

  • to select a carrier;
  • to calculate and coordinate rates and other expenses connected with a container handling during transportation;
  • to place empty container to shippers warehouse for stuffing;
  • to deliver laden container to the sea port and its loading on vessel board;
  • to arrange container delivery to port of destination and its discharge to terminal;
  • to arrange customs clearance of cargo including drawing up of necessary documentation;
  • to delivery container to consignees warehouse;
  • return of empty container to the container owner;

All above mentioned operations may vary depending on your contract terms.

Specialists of our company may arrange transportation of your cargo in reefer containers, tank-containers and on special platforms.

Nowadays our company has own container park consisting of standard 20-foot and 5-ton containers. 20-foot and 10-foot reefer containers as well as special mud skip containers. We are ready to provide you with our equipment for transport of your cargoes.

Dry freight containers
20-ft standard container
40-ft standard container
40-ft high cube container
Reefer containers
20-ft reefer container
40-ft reefer container
40-ft high cube reefer container
Insulated containers
20-ft insulated container
Ventilated containers
20-ft ventilated container
Open Top containers
20-ft Open Top container
40-ft Open Top container
20-ft Flatrack
40-ft Flatrack
Container for bulk cargo
20-ft container for bulk cargo

Premium Logistics - Containerized Shipment

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